Faith-based Topics

Power of Prayer - how our lives can be enriched through a deep, consistent communication (which requires listening as well as talking) with the One who knows and loves us the most.

Homiletics the easy way - how you can get more out of Scripture passages and discover the meaning the Holy Spirit intends for you to receive.

Between the Window and the Door - when God closes a door, if He doesn’t open the window it’s for a reason. He has lessons for us to learn, He is protecting us, or preparing us for the next phase in our walk.

Finding God's Purpose - at any stage in your life which can involve struggle, changes, and unfamiliarity.

Three Unnamed Women of the New Testament - what they can tell us about encountering Jesus in our lives.

Can Prayer Change God's Mind? If so, is He really God, and if not, why pray?

Lease or Release – Based on Luke 11:24-26 What to do with the thoughts residing in your mind. Can negative ones turn into good tenants, or should they be evicted? What new thoughts will you let move in?

Squeeze More God-Time Into Your Day – Simple ways to let God into your day, along with a bit of peace.

The Present of His Presence- God speaks to each of us in different ways. It is His special gift to us. Discover the ways He speaks into your life.

The Gift of His Grace -
All of our lives we are taught to work hard and achieve. So accepting God’s unmerited grace is foreign to us. Learn how to open your heart more to Him.

The Message of His Mercy -Why do we need mercy if we have grace and have been forgiven of our sins? What does it mean to show mercy versus forgiving someone for trespassing against you?

Writing Workshop Topics

To Tag or Not to Tag  - What are tags, and when should you use them in dialog? Or not.

Writing Sense-ably - We all grew up watching for entertainment - Sports, TV, Videos, Computer games. We are spectators who vicariously want to be part of the action. How to help your reader better experience your scenes and characters through using action, body language, and sensory perception so they will keep turning the pages.

Word of Mouth - If you write, you better learn to speak, even if you are an introvert. It can greatly increase your sales. I'll show you what to say, and when to say it.

 What About THAT? and, it, was...  why do editors and publishers cringe at using some words? When is it safe to use them?

A Novel Birth -  as with a baby, a great novel takes nine months to develop - after conception (first draft.). If not, it may be premature and not thrive in the marketplace. We'll walk through the three trimesters to get your "baby" ready for launch day!

Writing Devotionals - As the devotional editor for Power to Change (CRU CANADA) for six years, I mentored over 35 writers in this very special style.  Let me show you how.

May the Words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight,, my strength and my redeemer. 

Psalm 19:14