The Relatively Seeking Mysteries.

Main Characters:

Bailey Edwards – single, thirty-one, and with a degree in accounting and business management, is an account receivable manager for a very lucrative local fast-food chain. Because she often gets free meals, she is always exercising to keep her waist slim. She was engaged once, but her fiancé died in Afghanistan on his second tour. For years she was angry with God but has recently come back to the fold. She sings in the choir at Holy Family Bible Church.

Shannon Johnson – is the only married one of the three, is an African American, and sings in the choir, too. Her husband is a long-haul truck driver who is gone most of the month. She runs her own pet and plant sitting business called Pet and Plant Pamper. A life-long member of the Holy Family Bible Church, she received Christ at the age of five, was active in faith-based groups in high school and college, and has been on several short-term missionary trips. Bitten by the sleuth bug, she ropes her hubby into helping out in Book Three.

Jessica White – is adopted. Also in the choir, she is a freelance writer for several Christian publications, so she mostly works out of her home and the local coffee bistro. She was married for six months right out of high school, but then her husband filed for a divorce after he had an affair with her one-time best friend. Now ten years later and born again, she has met a nice guy while researching her unique heritage - being blue-eyed and 1/4 Cherokee! But she is taking it very, very slow.

One Leaf Too Many  -  

When three friends, Shannon, Bailey, and Jessica, decide to look into Bailey’s ancestral history, they find more than a leaf on the internet. They discover an unsolved disappearance that may have repercussions for a prominent political powerhouse family. The more they dig around her family roots, the deeper in danger they get.


Fallen Leaf -              

Jessica knows she was adopted and searches to learn her birth parents’ identities so she can trace her family history. Bailey and Shannon, her close friends and fellow genealogy buffs, decide to help. When they uncover something scandalous about her familial past...and present, someone else will do what they can to keep the girls quiet.

Leaf Me Alone -  

Word spreads through town about the genealogy research of Shannon, Bailey, and Jessica. When old Mrs. Perkins, their Bible study leader, asks them to find her long-lost nephew, Shannon, with the help of her hubby Jayden, find that moving forward along the Perkins family tree may leave them dangling out on a limb…and someone is holding a saw! In the meantime, Bailey begins to worry about the sudden death rate in the hospice strange as that sounds. Could they be dying too fast?

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Nominated for 2022  for the Christian Literary Award-  Best Christian Mystery category by Joy & Company Radio show.