A new mystery and suspense novella series written by seven authors.

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Start off with the prequel The Visitor Misses a Visit where all seven authors contribute to the story.  

The visitor travels the US raising money for children's foundations. But she soon discovers more than interested investors! 

Follow her journeys as she helps her friends and relatives discover whodunnit while raising money for her charities.

 How do horsesa thunderstorm,

 and a flowering bush add up to attempted murder?

 Connie B. Wright is intent on finding out!

Izzy Gutierrez is the strong right hand for her beloved employer, Fanny Henderson. And she's delighted for the help of Miss Fanny's niece, Connie, during a weekend retreat that will benefit one of the Wright Foundation's newest projects called Equine Engage.

Fanny arranged the special weekend outing for a few hand-picked guests who might be willing to lend their financial support. Unfortunately, she included an attorney that is apparently well-hated by all the other attendees.

So much so that someone is willing to poison him . .But who? 

Izzy helps Connie and the Sheriff find out so the fundrasier can be a success.

Be sure to check out all the other THE VISITOR novellas as Connie travels to visit relatives and stumbles on more mysteries to help solve.