The World is Online,
Let's Help Them Know Jesus!

 I am an internet missionary.

Many people, especially in countries where there is persecution of Christians, find they can connect to other Christians more autonomously digitally. They can comfortably ask questions, pray, and study Scripture.

In countries such as United States, France, and Canada, people are using the internet for their social interaction, information, and entertainment.

It is a natural transition for them to also use it to enhance their prayer time and Bible study. Spreading the Good News of Christ Jesus over the World Wide Web is making an impact. The Life Project site has over 600,000 clicks and ministers to over 15,000 people per month!

And the numbers are rapidly growing…
Through The Life Project, a branch of Power to Change (Campus Crusades for Christ Canada), God is winning hearts and souls.

I am blessed to be a part of this vital internet ministry. I write and edit gateway devotions and articles that encourage people to "go deeper" and contact one of 1,000 plus online, free and confidential mentors who can help them learn more about Christ and living life as a Christian. 

Infographic summarizing the following description.

 Here is a short video that explains the concept.

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